Friday, June 19, 2009


Yippee.. another giveaway.. I know I know.. I have 3 boys and why should I go for hairclips? Well if I get 1st place then I'll get 5 clips which I can share with my 4 nieces. All 4 of us can wear the same clips.. Their mummy no needlah.. Her hair is very short (excuse tu) haha..

I love this one. Why? Cause I LURRVE flowers, pink and yellow. Imagine 5 of us wearing the same clips! Alahai, cute!!

So, pick me!! Pick me!! I wanna win this clips! Teringin nak have something girly and being able to share it with some gurlzz, my nieces lah.. What to do, no daughter..

Takkan nak bagi my boyzz pakai, parah!!

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