Tuesday, June 16, 2009


**I love this blue sling**

Thanks Big Eyes Shop!

Ini 1st time aku join giveaway contest. So here goes.. Syarat-syaratnya:

  • Ceritakan serba ringkas mengenai BABYWEARING dan Giveaway ini di blog anda. (seperti babywearing memudahkan anda mengendong bayi atau menyusukan bayi dan sebagainya)

  • Sila tinggalkan komen dan sertakan URL anda, bagi memudahkan BigEyesShop menilai penyertaan anda.

  • Add Big Eyes Shop di blogroll/bloglist anda.

  • Sekiranya anda tidak mempunyai blog, anda boleh email ke bigeyesshop.shada@gmail.com agar dapat bersama-sama menyertai giveaway ini.

  • Anda boleh menyertai lebih dari satu penyertaan.

I have been wearing my baby since 2005. At that time, I bought a ring sling from a single mom. Lovely light yellow with embroidered little roses. Just luv it. Now I am wearing my 3rd son with the same sling where ever I go. Its a life saver, especially when all my newborns were 3.2kg and above. At first it was a bit awkward when people stared at me and I kept talking in my mind "I am not the maid. I am his mom." After a while, I started enjoying it. So did my littleones. When I bought my gendong in 2005, my 1st son was 1yrs plus. Everytime he saw me wearing the small one, he would say" Nak ding-dong.. nak ding-dong.." Which means "nak gendong jugak.." No prob. . Super mom is here.. One in gendong the other one carried on the other side..

How do i use my gendong?

  • Side carry
  • Front tummy to tummy
  • Back carry (orang selatan kata encang)
  • sleeping postion (macam buai baby, extend from head to toe) no hands!
  • as a diaper changing mat
  • as a blanket
  • as a small pillow
  • as a bolster
  • as a breast feeding cover
  • the best is .. as a love nurture

Cool right? Before, I would feel awkward when people start staring at me.. Now, "Hey, look at me. Isnt it cool? Even Brad Pitt use this you know?" You'll see wearing this 365 days a week.. Raya, grocery shopping, mandi sungai (hands are free to hold the elder ones and bags), park, at home..

The best part is I love the "see, no hands!" benefit.. Muahh..

Hope that I win the giveaway. Blue sling would look cool on me.. Add 1 more variety..
Pick me! Pick me!

**My little Syawal loves it too**


  1. ala2..mucuk2...tomeynye!!!!moga2 wati menang giveaway ni..gud luck!!

  2. TQ..TQ.. Mmg nak sangat.. nak try lak pouch sling.. baby wearing ni mmg best (2 thumbs up!).