Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Picnic Picnic

Yesterday, Mr GWAT and Mrs GWAT took a day off, pasal kesian kat anak anak yang keep asking, "Mama, bila nak pergi jalan jalan ni.."

We took them to Sungai Tua Ulu Yam.. The GWAT juniors woke up as early as 6.00 am and all excited to go.. Even the small one can sense that something exciting is about to happen..

Arrived at 10.00 am. Put up the tent, makan first and..

My Syafiq and Syahmi really enjoyed playing with the sand and rocks. Even my little 8 months old Syawal was enjoying himself. He spent about 2 hours in the river. Refused to leave the cooling pleasure.. Tried 'gendong'ing him up to the tent.. He started kicking and screaming at the top of his voice. Abang abang spent more than 4 hours playing with each other.. or so..

Mommy was busy learning the trick and trade of her digital camera..

Started express packing at 3.00 pm (only after the thunder started rumbling for 10 minutes) and less than 5 minutes in the car driving away from Ulu Yam... Semua jadi ayam patah leher.. hahaha..

A day well spent indeed..

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