Monday, June 29, 2009


Front view
Back View
Close-up (RM50.00)

This wedding towel cake was created from an adult bath towel and elaborately decorated as a gift for a newly married couple. Thank you Aida!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A STRAWBERRY RIPPLE PRINCESS prepared for a newborn princess. A lovely brightly coloured cotton flannel receiving blanket hugs 8 disposable diapers and wet tissues. Topped by a cute pink teddy and acompanied by a stuffed lion rattler, an 8 oz feeding bottle and a bouquet of mittens and booties.

Only at RM70.00.

Congrats mummy and daddy!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Yippee.. another giveaway.. I know I know.. I have 3 boys and why should I go for hairclips? Well if I get 1st place then I'll get 5 clips which I can share with my 4 nieces. All 4 of us can wear the same clips.. Their mummy no needlah.. Her hair is very short (excuse tu) haha..

I love this one. Why? Cause I LURRVE flowers, pink and yellow. Imagine 5 of us wearing the same clips! Alahai, cute!!

So, pick me!! Pick me!! I wanna win this clips! Teringin nak have something girly and being able to share it with some gurlzz, my nieces lah.. What to do, no daughter..

Takkan nak bagi my boyzz pakai, parah!!


I like this photo. Tried editing it with Picasa3. Turn out quite well. My cute little Syawal floating in his own Lightning Mcqueen.. haha

Another one by Picasa3. This time in his favourite blue walker. Jumping and running around the house in this blue vehicle of his. Cute!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is a papier mache stationery holder. Made it a few months back out of news paper, magazine and glue, and been using it at my office. I painted it and coated it with varnish. It's one of my old time ever green fav, papier mache and painting. I got the idea from the tembusu trees I see around the golf course I work in. I love tembusu because of its unique pattern on its bark .

I will make a few more for sale. Since it's handmade and work of art, it won't be the same. Might be similar but not the same..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


**I love this blue sling**

Thanks Big Eyes Shop!

Ini 1st time aku join giveaway contest. So here goes.. Syarat-syaratnya:

  • Ceritakan serba ringkas mengenai BABYWEARING dan Giveaway ini di blog anda. (seperti babywearing memudahkan anda mengendong bayi atau menyusukan bayi dan sebagainya)

  • Sila tinggalkan komen dan sertakan URL anda, bagi memudahkan BigEyesShop menilai penyertaan anda.

  • Add Big Eyes Shop di blogroll/bloglist anda.

  • Sekiranya anda tidak mempunyai blog, anda boleh email ke agar dapat bersama-sama menyertai giveaway ini.

  • Anda boleh menyertai lebih dari satu penyertaan.

I have been wearing my baby since 2005. At that time, I bought a ring sling from a single mom. Lovely light yellow with embroidered little roses. Just luv it. Now I am wearing my 3rd son with the same sling where ever I go. Its a life saver, especially when all my newborns were 3.2kg and above. At first it was a bit awkward when people stared at me and I kept talking in my mind "I am not the maid. I am his mom." After a while, I started enjoying it. So did my littleones. When I bought my gendong in 2005, my 1st son was 1yrs plus. Everytime he saw me wearing the small one, he would say" Nak ding-dong.. nak ding-dong.." Which means "nak gendong jugak.." No prob. . Super mom is here.. One in gendong the other one carried on the other side..

How do i use my gendong?

  • Side carry
  • Front tummy to tummy
  • Back carry (orang selatan kata encang)
  • sleeping postion (macam buai baby, extend from head to toe) no hands!
  • as a diaper changing mat
  • as a blanket
  • as a small pillow
  • as a bolster
  • as a breast feeding cover
  • the best is .. as a love nurture

Cool right? Before, I would feel awkward when people start staring at me.. Now, "Hey, look at me. Isnt it cool? Even Brad Pitt use this you know?" You'll see wearing this 365 days a week.. Raya, grocery shopping, mandi sungai (hands are free to hold the elder ones and bags), park, at home..

The best part is I love the "see, no hands!" benefit.. Muahh..

Hope that I win the giveaway. Blue sling would look cool on me.. Add 1 more variety..
Pick me! Pick me!

**My little Syawal loves it too**


After I uploaded the photos of the Sweet Pooh Towel Cake, immediately there was a request for something similar but for a 1 year old birthday boy. And I came up with this.. A BLUE-BEARY TURTLE Towel Cake.

It's only RM 60.00 and comes with an adult size bath towel, a seatbelt shoulder padding, a photo frame and a Pooh bear.

Happy birthday Zarfan!


Semalam masa gotong royong kemas toys dalam bilik my sons, lagu ini berkumandang.. Sorang jadik turtle, sorang jadik hamster. So, mama kenalah jadi anak itik.. Itik pun itiklah..

"lets sing it"

kami datang..
membantu haiwan dalam kesusahan..
kami x besar dan kami x kuat..
bile kerjasama..
semua jadi mudah..
go wonderpets.. yey..

“ape yg penting? KERJASAMA”
“ape yg penting? KERJASAMA”
“ape yg penting? KERJASAMA”
“ape yg penting? KERJASAMA”

Linny (tikus belanda), Tuck (kura-kura) dan Ming-Ming Duckling (itik)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This CANDY cake consist of 8 pieces of diapers, 4 burp towels, a cloth napkin, a pair of mitten and booties.

Simple and adorable, and it comes at only RM 40.00.


Don't know what to give as a birthday gift? A towel cake would be cool..

Birthday would be fun when you get a towel cake with chocolates and teddies as topping. Life can never be dull..

I had a request for a black bath towel folded into a cake with 2 teddies and 2 Cadbury Chocolate bars. Mmm sweeet..

Then there was white and pink theme version n a black towel. From a loving someone for her loved one. So romantic..
So sweet and cuddly..

At only RM60.00 a piece.


This towel cake was made out of 1 bath towel, a photo frame, a pair of strawberry seatbelt shoulder pads (is it what its called?) and a cuddly pooh bear.

I made it as a wedding gift for a very dear friend of mine.

Would you like to have something like this? Its only RM60.00. Buzz me for more information.

Picnic Picnic

Yesterday, Mr GWAT and Mrs GWAT took a day off, pasal kesian kat anak anak yang keep asking, "Mama, bila nak pergi jalan jalan ni.."

We took them to Sungai Tua Ulu Yam.. The GWAT juniors woke up as early as 6.00 am and all excited to go.. Even the small one can sense that something exciting is about to happen..

Arrived at 10.00 am. Put up the tent, makan first and..

My Syafiq and Syahmi really enjoyed playing with the sand and rocks. Even my little 8 months old Syawal was enjoying himself. He spent about 2 hours in the river. Refused to leave the cooling pleasure.. Tried 'gendong'ing him up to the tent.. He started kicking and screaming at the top of his voice. Abang abang spent more than 4 hours playing with each other.. or so..

Mommy was busy learning the trick and trade of her digital camera..

Started express packing at 3.00 pm (only after the thunder started rumbling for 10 minutes) and less than 5 minutes in the car driving away from Ulu Yam... Semua jadi ayam patah leher.. hahaha..

A day well spent indeed..

Monday, June 01, 2009


It has been a while, a REALLY REAlly really looooong while since I blogged on personal life. After reading afew blogs that I bumped into while browsing through the craft lover community; Craft Zone, I feel like sharing about the bundles of joys of my own, the apples of my eye, the Ultramen Taro, Gaia and Zearth my life.

My beloved Sensitive Syafiq (6yrs old:top), Soothing (very pandai pujuk hati mama) Syahmi (4yrs old) and Sweet little Syawal (7 mths old). What else can I say, they are my inspirations.