Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow! This blog is officially 2 yrs old!  If it's a toddler what would it be doing right now? Babbling away I assumed..  Not to mention the high level of curiosity in taste and touch..

Well, I notice of late I have quite a number of customized tissue box cover fans..I still have a number of "creative and one of a kind" of customized orders..

These are amongst the floral requests.  Go flower power!  Being a girl, I never get bored of sewing flowers over and over and over and over...  well, you get what I mean..

I took up a subject called "Pastry 101" (well, not really 101) when I was in college and these are the results... Voila! Inedible cakes..  But It last longer though  :))

Smooch.. smooch.. A request for a sexy pouting lips that dispense tissue (?).

Butterflies taking a sip of honey..  And I have more on my waiting list..


1. Just leave a comment below and a wishlist of your preferred tissue box cover design to be part of your interior decor/ your car.  Dont forget to leave a link to your blog on this giveaway. No Blog? Just leave a comment on Kedai Adik's Facebook page.
2.Become a follower of my blog.
3. Like our Kedai Adik Facebook page.
4. Do all of the above and the winner will win an extra MYSTERY GIFT!

The giveaway starts today (26/05/11) thru to next Thursday 3/06/11.


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