Thursday, May 05, 2011


At 11-ish am yesterday I got a call  from a gentleman asking whether can I make a LIPS tbc, urgently, to be picked up at sometimes after 6 pm the same day.  He's been looking high and low for this and it was suppose to be a gift for a dearly beloved.  I just cant say no when someone is in need.  So I said OK.

It took me 4 hours in between handstitching and attending to my 4 kids to get it done.  I was a bit worried that the gentleman might not like it as it was a rushing kindda work of art but immediately felt relieved when he said it was better than he expected.  Alhamdulillah..

So feast your eyes..

Thank you Kevin and Zetty.

Those who are interested to get a custom made handstitched tissue box cover to match your
interior decor or even your China ware, just drop me a lne at or sms at 0196430260. 

If you prefer PMs then leave a message at

And please, do leave your comments because they are very valuable to us.  Thanks.

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