Thursday, August 13, 2009


5 days spent in PUSRAWI, KL. My dear Syawal had bronchiolitis. There was so much of mixed emotions in the ward.. Well, picture speaks louder than words.

My sweet little Syawal saying, "Tak naklah amik gambar! Tengah tak hensem niii...!"
Cute little Aleesya playing with a motorbike. If you dont see the IV set on her left hand, you wouldnt know that she's a patient. Very active indeed. Am I right mummy Ida?
Another room mate, Siti Nur Aishah, mummy Nasliha and Syawal. Aishah loves Syawal a lot.

Had a great time with these kids. All were discharged on the same day, yesterday. Went home happy and sad. Happy to go home, yet sad to leave those that has become close friends and nurses as well.. (sigh)

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