Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is a beginner starter kit + bilingual (Malay/English)tutorial in PDF format. Suitable for a beginner and children as young as 7 yrs old (with adult supervision, of course).  Cool as gift or birthday parties activities.  

How to purchase?..

1. Choose which kit do you prefer ..

You can adorn your blouse, jacket, scarf, bag or even pin it on your headband!


* A (Shocking pink + light blue)
* B (Red and light orange)
* C (Light orange + dark brown)
* D(Light blue + shocking pink) 

You can adorn your bag, keys or anything you could think of!


* A (Shocking pink icing)
* B (Light green icing)
* C (Light blue icing)
* D (Chocolate icing)

... and we'll mail it to you. 

2. Give me your email address and I'll email the PDF tutorial to you. Why PDF and not paper? 

We are not including printed Instructions with this product: because we care for the environment, We prefer to save paper, so fewer trees are brought down and we and our future generations can live in a healther environment -

Print only if necessary - Save the earth - Save environment

Lets conserve the last bits of forest that we still have :) 

3. Oh yeah, dont forget to transfer the payment to my account.. :))

At RM 8, you'll get these from the kit:

1. Precut felt pieces (to avoid wastage)
2. Keychain
3. Foam templates (for future usage)
4. *Fibre (for filling) 
5. Just enough threads to sew.. + a pdf tutorial.. IT'S A STEAL!!

* only for doughnut 

The instructions (in Malay and English) are simple and attached with coloured photos.  So get it for your self.. or your children..

It'll make a cool art and craft project .. even make a good birthday party activity..It's sooo easy to make, it'll be ready in a jiffy!

** the colour online may varies from the real material, depends on your computer's resolution.

EMAIL to order. ONLY RM 10 each.. Enjoy!!

If you would like to get more info about ANY item in this blog, please feel free to SMS to 019 6430260 or drop me an email at :) Wati

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